About us

The identity behind this clothing brand is Queen Zenobia – a third century Queen of the Palmyrene Empire in the Middle East. A bold, powerful intelligent and a leader. Her beauty and appearance made her a style icon in her time and never been forgotten since. The Queen, a great influencer and ruler, is a symbol of a strong, highly educated, ambitious, fearless woman who fought, empowered her nation and made a difference in the world as she believed in her dreams and views and chased them in a manly world.

What makes our brand different?

Zenobiaa presents a message to all ladies, to wear our special pieces with the feeling of empowerment, feminism, elegance and uniqueness. Zenobiaa also aims to introduce the west to the history of the Middle East and its cradle of civilisations and historical monuments through reflecting the past into our classic yet contemporary designs.

Where the main focus of our brand is to maintain our ancestors’ heritage using the traditional Falahi cross-stich embroidery to add the treasured value to our pieces which is coming from different parts of the middle east.