Story of February, 2018

Some of the most important forms of Decorative Arts in the Middle Eastern cultures includes Pottery/Ceramic Tiles, Calligraphy, Embroidery and Weaving.

Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric with needle and thread or yarn. Elaborate embroidery transforms cloth into a special and valuable material. These decorated clothes and garments signified the value of the property, along with the wealth and status of the owner.

Makers use a needle and thread to stitch designs onto fabric. The subject matter ranges anywhere from ornamental designs, such as floral, geometric designs, to stories that use animal and human figures, to rulers’ symbols, to the written word. Threads are made from linen, silk, wool and even fine wire and gold.

Traditionally embroidery was done by hand, but today we also have “hand guided machine embroidery.”

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  1. Mohammed says:

    Im interested in bying a Palestinian Embroidery and wonder if you have anyone for sale?

    Im most interested in those with the women in the palestinian dresses.

    My best regards

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